PPMD Version 2.35 has been released as of August 8, 2018 with following new contents:

1. Cat. M1 or NB-IoT Integrated Devices which utilize a PTCRB-certified Module shall select a Primary Test Laboratory that is qualified in E-UTRA

2. Update for Integrated Device
- Recommend to support all the bands supported by the integrated Module.
- May declare support for a subset of frequency bands supported by the module and shall be required to test the bands
declared as supported.
- Manufacture shall check with their target operator to ensure bands and technologies selected meet the target deployment.
- Manufacture shall use the Integrated Device Variant process to certify additional subsets of band support required to
support different operator or country requirements.
- Shall be permitted to disable technologies that are not required for the application. When disabling a radio
technology, the Integrated Device shall be required to obtain a unique TAC and will not be permitted to share a module TAC
- Shall not enable any frequency band or radio technology that was not originally approved on the integrated Module.
- Requires to obtain a unique TAC and not reuse the Module TAC if it adds VoLTE function.


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