PTCRB NAPRD03 V5.40 & PPMD V2.39 update


NAPRD03 v5.40 was released on 27th Jun. 2019 with the following updates:

1. 2.3 Reference Specification:
    - Addition of 5G scopes. (3GPP TS 38.521; 3GPP TS 38.523; 3GPP TS 38.508)
2. Section 2.9.1 Radiated Performance Test Plan
    - Add LTE B71 into supported bands of PTCRB
3. Section 2.16.1 Applicability for Connection Efficiency: Update texts as below:
    - Testing requirements apply to all Release 8 – 12 IoT devices.
      Devices implementing eUICC shall be exempt until eUICCs are incorporated into TS.34 and TS.35.
      Test requirement is based on Test Applicability and Classification from GSMA TS.35 Annex C. Device
      shall test to the highest RAT (E-UTRA or GERAN) supported by the test case which is also supported
      by the device.

PPMD v2.39 was released on 27th Mar. 2019 with the following updates:

1. Section Laboratory Accreditations
    - 5G NR full Lab accreditation is separated into 5G FR1 and 5G FR2
2. Section 8.3 Obtaining an IMEI(SV):
    - Add note to notice that beginning in the third quarter of 2019, there will be GSMA fee for TAC allocation.
3. Section Certification Fees
    - Texts update for the new fee implementation.
4. Section Guidelines for Device with Multiple Modules
    - Devices integrating multiple modules shall check the box in the database request indicating “Device
      Contains Multiple Modules”. It will be required to upload declaration to the PTCRB database indicating
a. How many modules.
b. Module makes, models and SW versions.
c. Indicate whether modules have dedicated Antenna or share an antenna
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